Phloem is a texture and shine spray.  It is light, yet potent and can be used on wet or dry hair.
This spray contains Frankincense, a dignified scent that is known to encourage mental peace and relaxation, while promoting deep breathing.  Phloem also contains Myrrh, which stimulates the brain to keep you alert.  Both of those oils are made from tree resin, which contributes to their holding properties.  Phloem is a completely balanced, sticky and smooth luxury formula.

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a complex tissue in the vascular system of higher plants that consists mainly of sieve tubes and elongated parenchyma cells usually with fibers and that functions in translocation and in support and storage.



Distilled water, *sugar, *frankincense oil, *myrrh oil, *peppermint oil, *opopanax resin.

*certified organic

LEAPING BUNNY certified product


How To Use

Spray into damp or dry hair to add texture, shine and hold.