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earth friendly products handcrafted in new york with sulfate free + paraben free + vegan + cruelty-free ingredients.

photographer: Sofy alvarez (@sofynotsophie)

photographer: Sofy alvarez (@sofynotsophie)


I am a hair colorist in Brooklyn, specializing in the creation of all-natural homemade hair and body products. I am committed to environmentally safe and locally sourced ingredients which are never animal tested. This commitment includes the use of recyclable glass and metal packaging for my conditioners, as well as sustainable and biodegradable packing materials.  Since I am constantly looking for new ways to make my products and packaging more sustainable, suggestions are always welcome.

My fascination with nature began as a young girl, exploring the woods and marveling at the bugs and plants that make a beautiful and mysterious world right in our backyards. I realized I wanted to dedicate myself to practices that could utilize nature's gifts to help people while also being gentle with the environment. Becoming a hair colorist allowed me to realize my dream of helping people feel beautiful and confident, but I soon began to realize the level of waste that the industry contributes to the air and water supplies. Store bought products were one of the chief elements of this waste production, using synthetic, harmful ingredients as well as non-sustainable or biodegradable packaging and packing materials. Guided by my mom who is a holistic nurse, I began to explore essential oils and their amazing, powerful properties. Digging a little deeper, I discovered their uses for hair and scalp, and then began making custom conditioners using natural ingredients for my clients. They produced amazing results. Today, all of my products are still homemade, and my practice of experimenting with new materials is constantly evolving - I plan to keep exploring and creating new all-natural products for wider use.

-Kat Russo, Owner of Happy Place Shop

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